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Paul Crouch jr. resigning TBN because it’s over Rick Ross?
Rick Ross Scam artist, con artist and a cult leader himself.
In an interview at
Mr. Rick Ross of the Rick A. Ross Institute was aske
What are some of the defining characteristics of a "cult?"
Destructive cults typically conform to three basic criteria.

(1) Absolute authoritarian leader without any meaningful accountability that so dominates the group he or she virtually comes to define it.

 (2) Process of intense indoctrination that inhibits critical thinking and ultimately leads to undue influence, often called "brainwashing."

(3) If the group is harmful. This can be seen through anything from financial exploitation to physical abuse and medical neglect.

“It is important to note though, that not all groups are equally destructive and/or controlling to the same degree, that some are more harmful than others are.” Rick Ross “REALLY”
Well if that was true the lord Jesus Crist would be the guiltiest of running a cult, Abraham, Mosses, and Mohammed would fall next in line under Rick Ross’s definition of a cult.

Ok let’s say you’re not religious, using Mr. Ross’s definition of an cult let’s look at more modern groups
How about the left wing cult group calling themselves “the democratic party” or the right wing “ republican party” both parties seen to fit his definition, and both parties have a lot of sex scandals’.
And sex scandals seem to be a main focus on the website. Strange it is not called the Rick A. Ross sex scandal Institute
Well... if that is the his new standard for cult then let’s use the same criteria according to Mr. Rick Ross Jesus has been accused of having sex with a woman by the name of Mary and a kid out of wedlock, according to Rick Ross Abraham is guilty of attempting murder of his own son, according to Mr. rick ross Mosses is guilty of mass genocide, That made Hitler look like a armature. “it all in the bible’” “it must be true”

LBJ once accused his adversary   of having sex with pigs: when asked if he had any facts other than what was printed in the LA Times, Washington Post, and NY times, he said no “but it’s nice to hear them deny it in the world media”
It seems to me the Rick Ross could have been his campaign manager.
Mr. Rick Ross and uses his expert knowledge and years of Esperance of brainwashing and mind control on his readers. And in an attempt to widen his fan base, Rick Ross finds famous names and put’s the word sex next to their name like Benny Hinn “ gay, sex, sandal” , Joyce Myers  mind  control, and Paul Crouch  TBN gay, sex, sandal , Mitt Romney  the Mormons, and more…
Rick Ross: that fact is... anyone that believes anything different than you will get the old sex scandal keyword, this is an old marketing trick and he should be ashamed of this.
 If Mr. Rick Ross hasn’t done it already he will soon be calling the president of the united states Mr. Obama a cult leader and the us citizens his mindless flock. Of followers
So you might wonder why I am writing this : I was in a cult and it took a lot for me to get out of it , and when a friend needed help I recommended his website boy oh boy was I wrong, wrong, wrong.
And yes it was TBN that really helped when I need it the most.
Mr. Rick Ross What in God’s Name has happen to you?
Mr. Rick Ross of The Rick A. Ross Institute here is what I have learned from you:
If I put sex after my name I am a cult leader but if I put Institute after my name I am a church leader
We are now on to Rick Ross’s no good tricks and we are going to be watching your ever deceitful games from now on.
As Keith Olbermann on current TV would say “Rick Ross the worst person in the world”
If it’s true that Paul Crouch is leaving TBN and I 0000h..Just not over this scumbag!